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*** This section is currently being updated for 2012***

As the financial crisis has unfolded since sometime in 2008, the housing and mortgage markets have experienced incredible pressures and countless changes. If you are seeking help, there is little doubt that you are among those who were caught in the crossfire while politicians, lenders, and other financial entities attempted to grapple with the enormous challenges. The results thus far have amounted to a maze of new regulation and oversight, but few if any simple solutions for average homeowners. But while the situation may seem dire, our firm has consistently and effectively dealt with thousands of cases, and many that are likely very much like your own.

There is plenty of general information on this website for homeowners, but more than likely you are looking for specific solutions to your dilemma as a homeowner. We encourage you to request a free consultation so that we can quickly tell you if we will be able to help.

There are dozens of legal and legislative actions aimed at helping homeowners that are currently under consideration, and as they develop we intend to keep this section updated with relavent news and information. In the meantime, if you are struggling with your expenses, and worried about the possibility of losing your home, please contact us for help today.



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